Toronto Zombie Walk Double Takes – It was a Monster Mash

Last Saturday, October 22nd, thousands of frightening zombies rose from the dead to meet up for a monster mash at Trinity-Bellwoods park and stumbled down Queen Street for the 9th annual Toronto Zombie Walk.  

Pre-walk monster mash at the park.



No Tomorrow for Zombie Annie:


Hungry, anyone?


Pre-walk festivities included the zombie wedding of Adam Invader and Thea Munster joining in Unholy Matrimony:


The gathering at Trinity-Bellwoods park, just before the Zombies took to the streets:


And then the deadheads took to Queen Street to begin the Zombie Walk :


The Baywatch Lifeguard Zombies didn’t need slow-motion special effects for their walk.


Zombie Miss Piggy made a special appearance.


 The Maple Leafs joined in the parade.


Even the Occupy Toronto Zombie protesters fighting for Zombie rights.


Toronto Zombie Walk raised hell as groaning, creepy monsters roamed the 5 kill-o-meter trek scaring Torontonians in its path.  It was a great kick-off to Halloween.  For more pictures, click here.  Happy Halloween! Here’s my favorite Zombie video to help get you in the mood:

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