CNE Double Takes – From Deep Fried Butter Balls to Donut Burgers

The CNE came to town last weekend.  And of course, so did some wild mouth- watering, tummy-turning snacks and foods that left passers-by with many a double-take.  Last year all the hype went to Deep Fried Butter Balls and other deep fried sensations.  2011 brings you the Donut Burger, made by Epic Burgers and Waffles. What-what?  Yep, finally a ground beef patty stuck between a halved-Krispy Kreme donut.  You can add cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, bacon, and maybe a fried egg to complete your donut burger delight. Oh, and it’s only 1500 calories! Fyi, for reference, a Mc Donald’s Big Mac has 540 calories. Now, is your mouth watering yet?  Check out a pic of the donut burger and some other snacks you may find at The Ex:

Donut Burger

Donut Burger - Photo Credit: eddiejdf

Deep Fried Butter Balls

Deep Fried Butter - Photo Credit: mgersup

Deep Fried Mars Bar

Deep Fried Mars Bar - Photo Credit: Christian Cable

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Chocolate Covered Bacon - Photo Credit L. Richarz

Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

Deep Fried Mac & Cheese - Photo Credit: alanosaur

Tiny Tom Donuts

Tiny Tom Donuts - Photo Credit: swee_tmaba

Bon Appetit!

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