Toronto Kiss Map – XOX Marks the Spots

Toronto Kiss Map is a Google map of Toronto kisses and smooches across the city.   Anyone can share their kisstories but names and initials must be left anonymous, stories can not be more than 100 words and other people’s posts can not be changed.  Oh yes, there’s one more restriction: no jerks i.e. racist, sexist and “icky” comments will be swiftly deleted. This is non-negotiable.  

Chris Kay Fraser, a Toronto writing coach for Firefly Creative Writing,  is the mastermind behind the map.  On August 1, 2011, Toronto Kiss Map moves to its new home at thanks to a grant from  Awesome Foundation.  Toronto Kiss Map encourages you to post your kisstories to “help create a rich geography of tiny, tantalizing tales, showing just how teeming with love this city really is.”  

Click below on Toronto Kiss Map’s blue tags to read kisstories.  Enjoy.  XOX


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