Toronto Now and a 50 Year Glimpse to the Future

Timelapse of Toronto Now

Check out this aerial timelapse of Toronto’s downtown cityscape filmed over the course of a weekend:

It’s easy to forget what a beautiful place we live in when we’re caught up in the rush of the bright lights and big city.

Toronto 2061: A 50 Year Glimpse to the Future

What do you think Toronto will look like in 2061?  Any predictions for the future?  In this CTV News special report, the vision of Toronto’s future speaks of implosion: the city will be growing UP.  Taller buildings for condos, businesses and even vertical farming.  There will be a dramatic increase in population of the GTA and this jump will lead to a revamp of transportation.  Technological advancements will bring the on-set of driverless cars and hologram television.  Toronto will leverage the advantages immigration has created for international business.

Check out this clip for more visions of the future:

Was your vision of Toronto’s future similar? I guess mine was somewhat like that but a little more extreme, I saw flying cars too…but then I see the future as somewhat of a mix between what is portrayed in Minority Report (set in 2054) and The Fifth Element (2263).  My Toronto 2061 seems far more over the top, but understandably so, if I’m using Hollywood to help mold my image of the future.

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